Custom art made to fit your individual style.


Here is the list of services I provide.


I make custom book covers to specifications. I also do premades which can be bought at a cheaper price. Currently available premades can be seen at the bottom of the page.


I make character art to specifications, one or several characters, in a painted style.


I create logos and symbols for author names and to use for book interiors.


I do promotional material, banners, sales images, and so on.



I use various techniques while creating my digital art, including digital painting, overpainting, and photo manipulation. I usually start out with a mockup that I will send my client to accept before I go ahead with the image. From there, we keep close contact as I finalise the art.


I do NOT use AI software during any stage of my process. Some stock image sites are selling AI generated images, but I do my best to avoid those.


Here are some of my latest book covers

Here is some of my latest character art

Check out my full portfolio here


“Working with Catrin on my covers was an absolute joy. She knows her way around Photoshop and has a great understanding of what works in different genres, and what doesn’t. I’m so pleased with the resulting covers. They look gorgeous and I’ll definitely use her again!"

Jayne Lockwood

(Lady J)

“Catrin did a fantastic job on my cover(s). She took the key elements from my story and tied them all together in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. She was flexible and patient and brought her own ideas to the table, delivering the goods with professionalism and a sense of humour."

C. F. Welburn

“Catrin Russell is not only a prolific author but also an exceptionally gifted graphic designer. After admiring her many creations for covers and character art, I found out, she also offers cover design now. I reached out and asked her about it, as I had so far done my own covers, due to a very tight budget. Catrin not only patiently worked with me as we tried out several ideas my untrained mind came up with and her showing and explaining to me why one thing or the other would or wouldn’t work, but she explained things in such a way that I, as a complete amateur, could easily understand. All throughout the process, I felt understood, valued and supported. My input was taken seriously and my ideas enhanced and expanded upon in a beautifully artistic way that I could not have imagined myself.

I am beyond thrilled at my new cover for Her Badass Bikers, a contemporary reverse harem romance novel, the first professionally done of them all, and am already discussing the next one. I’m not only in awe of her professional skills but also her patience, kindness, and her willingness and abilities to listen to my ideas and find the best possible way to honour them while designing with her exceptional artistic skills. I must recommend her most highly to anyone seeking a designer who is not only gifted in talent and professional skills but also listens to the author’s vision and works together on a perfect final outcome for both."

Tirza Schaefer


ATTENTION! Prices will go up in 2024.


CUSTOM*: $225


Ebook covers come in standard format 6x9, 300 DPI, jpeg-file. You will also receive the artwork separately as well as the title as a png.

Custom covers are offered with unlimited revisions

Premade covers are offered with minor revisions.

Ebook & paperback

CUSTOM*: $275


Ebook & paperback package offers the same as Ebook + a full wrap-around cover for paperbacks. I will need your preferred size and the page count to calculate the spine size.

*Depending on the request, the price for a custom might increase, particularly for digital painting covers. Contact me for an exact quote if you have a design in mind that includes things like multiple characters, nonhuman characters, complicated scenes, and so on.

Ebook, paperback & audiobook

CUSTOM*: $325


This includes everything specified under ebook and paperback, as well as an audiobook version of the cover.

Series discount

When purchasing covers for a series, I offer a 10% discount from the 4th cover onwards.

Custom digital art

PRICE: $90 and up*

This includes a high resolution jpg-file and a commercial license.

*The price depends on the commission.

Bust: $90+

Full character: $150+

2 characters: $250+

NSFW: $300+

*All prices are dependent on the request. Elements like nonhuman characters, multiple characters, complicated scenes, and/or a high level of detail may increase the price. Contact me with your idea and I'll give you a quote.

Logos & Interior art

LOGOS: $70 and up*

INTERIOR ART: $40 and up*

This includes a high resolution jpg-file and png-file and a commercial license.

*The price can be made higher depending on the request. Contact me with your idea and I'll give you an exact price.

Promotional images

PRICE: $20 and up*

This includes a set of high resolution jpg-files to fit the different size requirements of various social media channels and a commercial license.

*The price can be made higher depending on the request. Contact me with your idea and I'll give you an exact price.

All art is sold with a commercial license.

However, the images may not be used for AI data mining or as NFTs, and it is strictly prohibited to alter the images or credit someone else for the art.


I also make Not Safe For Work (NSFW) art.


All payments are done via PayPal.

30-50% of the quote is paid upfront to confirm your slot. This is non-refundable.

The remaining 50-70% is paid upon delivery.




Want to discuss ideas and see what I might be able to do for you? Then don't hesitate to contact me!