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The Redeemed

Audiobook narrated by Jez Jameson

Prequel to The Light of Darkness

The Light of Darkness

Box Set, Books 1-3

The Path of Salvation

Audiobook narrated by Jez Jameson

Book 2 of The Light of Darkness


The Light of Darkness

Box Set, Books 4-6

Release date: June 15th

Preorder here.

A Promise Flawed

A prequel to

Heart of the Condemned

Release date: To be announced

Heart of the Condemned

A standalone novel

Release date: To be announced

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Righteous Dawn

Short story prequel (#0.5) of The Light of Darkness

The Redeemed

Novella prequel (#0.6) of The Light of Darkness

Forged by Blood

Novellette prequel (#0.5) of A Kingdom Scarred

News & Other Fun

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My website is the perfect place to read about my books and series, both released and upcoming! Browse the pages, read about the individual books, check out maps, or even indulge in some character descriptions.

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Dana's Edits

All of my books have been edited by Dana's edits. She has been a huge part of my development as an author, and I cannot remmend her services enough. She does a full package deal for a great price, so don't hesitate to check her out if you are an author and you're looking for an editor!

Jez Jameson - Audiobook Narrator

All of the books part of my completed Light of Darkness series are currently being recorded on audio by the fabulous Jez Jameson. I cannot stress enough how outstanding his performance is, and I'm very confident people will enjoy listening to Jez as he brings my characters to life!

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