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There are currently no published standalones. More information to come!

Information and Triggers

Please note that this list is general for all my books/standalones and series. For lists specific to a particular book or series, please check their individual pages. 

All my series and standalones are part of the following genres (all or some):

  • Epic Romantic Fantasy
  • Romantic Fantasy
  • Fantasy Romance
  • Epic Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy

All my series and standalones with romance feature open-door steam. This includes:

  • On-page graphic sex scenes
  • Vanilla steam (instances of light kink, depending on series/book)
  • Most often described with euphemisms, sometimes crude words (also depending on series/book)

PLEASE BE WARNED! The books contain triggers!* Some or all of the following might be present in any of my series and/or standalones:

  • Violence
  • Gore
  • Torture
  • Abuse (physical and emotional)
  • Consequences of sexual abuse
  • Emotional scars
  • Mature language
  • Animal death (not torture)
  • Child death (mentioned, not graphically depicted)
  • Substance abuse

* For triggers specific to each series/standalone, please check their individual pages.