Here you can read about the different characters introduced in The Light of Darkness.


If you want to avoid spoilers, then do NOT read the information available on this page. 


Anaya is a high-ranking priestess within the Priesthood. She grew up amongst them, devoting her entire life to their cause. She is determined and fearless, often looked up to by her spiritual brothers and sisters. 

Physical description: Tall and slim, but athletic. Long chestnut hair and green eyes. 


Samael in a demon presiding within the Eastern Forest. He prefers to spend his time alone, honing his skills. He comes off as sly and deceiving, having only his own motives in mind as he interacts with others. 

Physical description: Immensely tall, reaching seven feet in height. He has long black hair and dark brown eyes. He is muscle-bound but lean. 


Lenda was adopted by the Priesthood at an early age. She quickly bonded with the priestess Anaya, the two fast becoming the best of friends. She is shy but stubborn, especially when it comes to her work with healing and herbalism. 

Physical description: Brown hair, blue eyes. Short build, but with plenty of female features. 


Growing up amongst thieves, Edric lived a hard life as a young boy. He was saved by the High Priest as he was about to be executed for attempted murder. He is a man of many faults, but he is extremely loyal and fierce in battle. 

Physical description: Blond, blue eyes. Tall and muscular, but slim. 


With a lengthy career as a preacher of the Goddess, he currently holds the title of High Priest within the Priesthood. He leads them with absolute confidence in the Goddess and her Light. 

Physical description: Brown/greying hair, brown eyes. He is a tall man, but his age has begun taking a toll on his body. 


Raised in the capital, he helped run his family business working as a blacksmith, until choosing to seek a career within the Priesthood. He is polite and considerate, but strong and independent. 

Physical description: Blond hair, grey eyes. Average height and well-built for his age. 


Samael's mother, a woman with a strong sense of duty and tradition. She embraces values such as honesty, dedication, and dignity. A widow for many years, she raised her son to become independent and strong, just like herself.

Physical description: Black hair, brown eyes. Average height and slim build. 


A former Commander within the Rover Army, she takes the opportunity in a time of peace to enhance her abilities. She travels to the Priesthood in order to be trained in the arts of Light and healing. 

Physical description: Blond and light blue eyes. She is of average height, with a voluptuous body.  


Previously a Royal Knight under the ruling King of the Midlands, he joined the Priesthood to aid in its establishment and has since remained. Regal and just, he is loyal to the core, but uncompromising when it comes to his morals.

Physical description: Dark blond hair, brown eyes. 6 ft tall and strongly built.